A Perspective on Gender Equality

A Perspective on Gender Equality

Pink for girls, blue for boys; dolls for girls and guns for boys. Is this not a barrier to gender equality?

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” rightly said Sydney J. Harris.

If we visualize a civilized society, free of abuses, both mental and physical, we need to inculcate ‘Gender Sensitivity’ in our formal as well as informal education. It is the awareness towards the role of gender throughout our lives. Once the child learns about gender equality, life can be less complicated. It will help avoid discrimination by understanding the differences between men and women.

Gender sensitization learnt in the formative years will clear the many such misconceptions like fairer and weaker sex, chauvinism and above all break the barriers of patriarchy. As growing adults, these impressionable minds will rely less on the stereotyped norms set in the society. The focus will shift from subconscious assumptions to personality traits.

A Perspective on Gender Equality
Dust Storm

Pink for girls, blue for boys; dolls for girls and guns for boys. Is this not a barrier to gender equality? Does a girl select pink for herself? A new- born is dressed in pink or blue based on the gender. The gifts on the first birthday are also gender based. This norm is forced on the children right from the beginning. Why do the fairy tales end on a happy note if the poor girl gets fortunate to marry a prince? Cindrella or Rapunzel are such fairy- tale characters who face the life with great difficulties till they get lucky. What are the parameters of fortune; a Prince who agrees to marry them and make their life comfortable? Are we not always giving a wrong message to the kindergarten children? Why can we not inculcate equality instead of sexism?

Misusing the law to their advantage, playing victim card is becoming the latest trend to seek media attention. If disguised Misandry or explicit Misandry is the new norm, it surely is not to compete Misogyny. The recent Zomato incident has been trending on the internet. If proven guilty, the woman needs to be sent behind the bars. Else it will set a wrong precedent to misuse the law to culprits’ advantage. The question is not about scoring brownie points, it is all about the erroneous models set by the moral police ever since.

Facts and figures reflect one rape every fifteen minutes in India. NCRB rape stats shows horrid picture of various Indian States. Rapes, Gang rapes, Molestation, mental abuse are the norms making these states turn from bad to worse for women. Horror continues for the weaker sex. Ironically, many accept this as a fate and gore crime records are buried along with the victim. This acceptance to the unfair treatment is also ascribed to the early lessons of gender inequality.

Gender awareness raising intends to change the psyche, conduct and values that reinforce imbalances and exploitations between men and women. We can see hope in despair if we work towards evolution of the timeworn practices. Every cloud has a silver lining. Our consistent efforts towards an equal gender world will help revive humanity in humans.

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