<b>OURANOS</b> (Uranus) was the primordial god (protogenos) of the sky.

Lo and Behold the great father
Of the sun, moon and the lord.
A father, as terrible as darkness,
And as usurping as blood
Scorned his children of the earth
To which of their animosity, they
Cut him up, into countless
Thousand pieces, and cast up
Into Oceanus, by the youngest
Of his offsprings

Rose from his pieces, did a
Maiden of untold beauty,
The goddess of love and beauty.
Now, cursed did Ouranos to Kronos
His son of time,
“Shall you join me, my son one day.
For you shall find yourself in time,
In your mother’s great depths herself”

Look what he has got into, for
Chaos reigned
The poisoned throne usurped,
By his mighty son of time and betrayal
Burning and seething and bubbling,
With turmoil and acrimony,
He longs to come back out
Out of his darkest depths
And assemble back as the

Eons of terribleness after
He still yearns for his earth,
And should he come up shall
The world end
Death still never parted him.
To a life of great misery, for
Lo and Behold, the great sky

Nandita, an exuberant 16-year-old who really enjoys everything under the sun. A keen reader, an occasional writer and poetess and a musician, who love being around people and digging around the mysteries of all those beings in the world.

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