Virus and Vaccine

Virus and Vaccine

Sometimes foggy, sometimes clear path yet it is a mirage and we humans are in the rat race of chasing what is not ours.

Exalted echoes in the empty spaces.

Adieu! 2020, the year of Virus.

Vaccine to exhaust the venomous virus.

At last! A deep sigh of hollow hopes.

“Vaccine to vanish the virus!” Moaned men in chorus.

Hoodwinked hopes to wipe out the virus.

Deadly virus pillaged the breaths.

Queues of wreaths in the wait rooms.

Breathless mortuaries mourned the numbers.

“Oh! Virus of 2020 was the black hole.” Moaned men in chorus.

Virus turned One after ten and two months.

Economy boosters and life savers played Tom and Jerry.

Immunity tests tested the nervous men.

Vaccinated all but one!

“Virus was wiped yet multiplied.” Moaned men in chorus.

Virus and Vaccine
Golden Chapter in the History

Masks and gloves lined the bins.

Ebullient egos in the new dawn.

Mocking the unbiased virus of brutality.

Blinded to gender, caste, race and capital.

“Impartial virus spaded into the grave.” Moaned men in chorus.

Rapes, genocides, nepotism and politics.

Lasting viruses in temporary tents.

Humans tested positive with no immunity.

Red, Orange and Green are the fancy containment zones.

“Wipe the vice virus of wise men.” Moaned the few men in chorus.

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