Thick Fog

Thick Fog

Everyone cheered to welcome the sun.

It was the thick fog,

That reigned the roads.

Vehicles & men marched,

Fields & fallows were no more parched.

Thick Fog

Hustle & bustle on the damp road,

Honking & sirens roared.

Queues of thirsty sedans,

Quenched at gas station.

This glory of fog was short-lived.

A splendor to be bereaved.

Like a bubble, fog burst.

And tears of mist settled on hurst.

Everyone cheered to welcome the sun.

Fog was fed on the sun burn.

Hey there! I am Shehnaz Gujral and have pursued my career of two decades as an academician. I have to my credit my debut e-book, Antecedent Compendium (Puffins Publishers), a collection of sixty-six poems. I also have the privilege as a featured author in anthologies, Musings Mundane and Mortal (Tacenda Publications), One Hundred Shades of Love (All India Forum for English Students, Scholars and Trainers-AIFEST)

Literature in English has always fascinated me. I was introduced to the world of Shakespeare by my grandfather whom I lovingly called ‘Darji’. It would be mesmerizing to hear his explanations of ‘Much Ado about Nothing.

I love to express myself through writing. I have been writing on and off for quite some time but recently I have come to discover that I can be more consistent in it. I write prose but poetry comes more naturally to me. Poetry is the best form of meditation for me. The way words connect with me feels like a safe haven inside. My feelings and observations rhyme effortlessly, and my words are my best friend. I connect to the inside, detaching from the outside world.

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