Why Mount Everest makes eerie noises at night?

Why Mount Everest makes eerie noises at night?

Scientists have found the reason why Mount Everest makes eerie noises at night.

Mount Everest makes eerie noises after sunset and scientists have found the reason behind the crashing and splintering noises in the high-altitude glaciers.

Researchers led by the glaciologist Evgeny Podolskiy have found what causes these terrifying noises.

The researchers spent more than a week trekking through the Nepalese Himalayas in 2018 to test the seismic activity of the Trakarding-Trambau Glacier system there.

They spent three weeks on the glacier in full view of the Mount Everest.

They placed sensors on the ice to measure vibrations deep within the glacier, the same technology used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes.

Once they returned to the sea level, the team examined the seismographic data and confirmed that the nocturnal sounds were linked to the extreme cold.

Why Mount Everest makes eerie noises at night?
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They found that the noises are caused due to sharp drops in temperature after dark that causes ice to crack.

Dave Hahn, an expedition leader who has completed 15 Everest summits, said that he heard "ice and rock crashing down in various places around the valley" when he and fellow climbers would rest.

Dr Podolskiy was quoted as saying by Daily Mail, "It was an amazing experience because it's such a magnificent area to work in."

The temperatures could drop to around -15 degrees Celsius at night.

"Local ice turns out to be very sensitive to this high rate of change," the researchers said in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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