Google banning call recording apps shouldn’t worry you

Google banning call recording apps shouldn’t worry you

More than for users, the change in Play store policy has been a nightmare for apps that offer call recording feature.

Starting today, May 11, Google is banning all call recording apps on the Play store. This simply means that all apps available on the Play Store that offer call recording feature will be killed or blocked. The change in the Play store policy doesn’t make any changes to inbuilt call recording features on phones.

No change for native call recorders

Several smartphones from brands like Samsung, Redmi, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Poco, Realme, OnePlus, and Tecno already come with an inbuilt call recording feature. So, users who use phones from these brands will not be impacted by Google’s new Play store policy. However, for users with phones from brands other than these, the new policy is crucial, especially if they record their incoming/outgoing calls often.

Since most phones from popular smartphone brands come with native call recording feature, the change in Play store policy will not make much of a difference for most users.

Why is Google banning call recording apps?

For several years, Google has been against call recording apps and services. The tech giant believes that recording calls is an invasion of users’ privacy. For the same reason, the company has added a loud and clear “this call is now being recorded” alert to his own Dialer app. The alert is heard clearly on both sides before the recording begins.

Last month, the Cupertino-based tech giant announced banning all call recording apps from the Play store worldwide. The company also clarified that the change in policy will only affect third-party apps. This also clarifies that call recording feature on the Google Dialer will function perfectly fine if it is available on your device or region.

More than for users, the change in Play store policy has been a nightmare for apps that offer call recording feature. Truecaller has already removed its much popular call recording feature. “As per the updated Google Developer Program policies, we are unable to offer call recordings any longer. This will not affect devices that have call recording built into the device natively,” a Truecaller spokesperson said in an official last month.

Google banning call recording apps shouldn’t worry you
From May 11, call recording may not be possible through third-party apps on Android phones: Reports

"We had introduced call recording for all Android smartphones based on overwhelming consumer demand. Call Recording on Truecaller was free for everyone, permission-based and required users to enable the feature using the Google Accessibility API,” the spokesperson added.

How to record calls without third party apps

-On Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones, users can simply head to the call interface during a call and click on the call record option. The call recording file will be stored in files. The option of course comes with the MIUI interface, which runs phones from all three brands.

-Samsung phones also offer call recording option through One UI software. Most Samsung phones have the recording option enabled by default but in case it is not, go to Settings menu > search for call recorder > enable the option. The option can be disabled whenever required.

-On Oppo phones, ColorOS software brings a call recorder feature into the main calling app. The feature can be enabled in the Settings app, which will require access to microphone and media to store the file on the device.

- On OnePlus phones, the call recording feature comes with OxygenOS. To enable the recording feature, users will just need to press the call record option while answering a call.

- RealmeUI brings call recording feature on Realme phones come. Users can enable the option on the Settings menu and also disable it when required.

- Vivo phones also get the call recording feature through its own Funtouch OS. The recording option can be enabled during a call.

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