The Nothing Phone (1) unveiled

The Nothing Phone (1) unveiled

Nothing confirms its second product, challenging the current tech and smartphone market.

The Nothing phone, the company's second product was confirmed yesterday. Pictures and hands on videos are out on YouTube. The full reveal is scheduled for July 12th.

Carl Mei, CEO of Nothing and co founder of One Plus in an interview with the Wired, talks about the current state of smartphones and the tech world. He says, “Today, everyone is so passionless about technology. On the consumer hardware side it’s basically more and more of the same, in terms of products,”.

The phone's design is familiar in a way, yet striking and intricate. The phone shell resembles an iPhone from the back. It follows a similar theme to the Nothing Ear (1) with its open transparent cover design which reveals the beautifully crafted and engineered parts that make up the product. It also introduces lights interactive LED lights throughout the back of the phone, called the Glyph interface. This was one of the main features that was shown off in the teaser we have been given about the product. It functions as additional flashlight, alerts for phone calls and notifications and even shows indicates battery health while charging. All of this can be customised.

Popular tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, popularly known as MKBHD got his hands on the phone exclusively and showed off some of the features that the Glyph interface offers. He also explains that one of Nothing's goals is to create an ecosystem, much like Apple and will run Nothing OS on their smartphone– an operating system that has been in development for quite a while now. There is mixed reviews on opinions on the OS since a version of it is available for trial for those who use Android.

The Nothing Phone (1) unveiled
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The Nothing Phone (1) is incredibly hyped. For the first time in years, people are excited about the release of a smartphone. This was also observed when the Nothing Ear (1) was unveiled. Nothing has partnered up with StockX to auction off 100 Nothing Phone (1) smartphones with serial number to #100. They have all been sold out in less than a day upwards of $2000. The hype that nothing creates is definitely good marketing but it is huge pressure on their shoulders to deliver and live upto the hype. The full release event can be watched online on Tuesday, 12th July 16:00 BST.

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