UAE approves Sinopharm COVID-19 booster shot

UAE approves Sinopharm COVID-19 booster shot

The fully vaccinated residents will get the third shot of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine

The United Arab Emirates announced on Tuesday that booster shots of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine have been approved for the residents of UAE.

The gulf neighbour Bahrain also announced that it would offer a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, at least six months after the second shot.

The fully vaccinated residents will get the third shot of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine, who had their second dose at least six months ago.

International studies show that the COVID-19 vaccine provides protection for at least six months. Booster shots are usually given to people who have low immunity against diseases and people with chronic illnesses.

UAE health sector’s spokesperson, Dr. Farida Al Hosani said priority to receive an additional dose of Sinopharm is for the senior citizens and people with chronic diseases.

The move is part of the UAE’s “proactive strategy to provide maximum protection for society”.

“By analyzing the data of the national vaccination campaign, it was noted that the effectiveness of vaccines contributed to reducing hospital admissions & the need to use ventilators, which supports the acceleration of recovery & limiting the spread of the virus,” the UAE National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority said in a tweet.

In April, China acknowledged that its Sinopharm vaccine offered less protection against the COVID-19 virus. At the moment, the Chinese centers for disease control and prevention, Gao Fu, said it would work to improve efficacy rates and said it was considering blending vaccines to increase effectiveness.

In addition to the Pfizer vaccine, Sinopharm has been widely used in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates has provided about 11.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and about 59 per cent of the population has been vaccinated.

UAE approves Sinopharm COVID-19 booster shot
UAE: Sinopharm ‘Booster shots’ for those with weak immunity

As vaccination rates increase and the average number of cases per day decreases, restrictions in the country continue to loosen.

The capital Abu Dhabi on Sunday announced the lifting of quarantine restrictions and measures for all countries, starting from July 1.

Also, Dubai on Monday eased COVID-19 restrictions, allowing hotels in the regional tourism hub to operate at full capacity and allowing concerts and sports events where all participants and participants are protected from COVID-19 vaccination.

The UAE recorded 1,270 COVID-19 infections on Tuesday.

Almost 11.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered to the public since December.

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