Earthquake tremors in the UAE: What you need to know

Earthquake tremors in the UAE: What you need to know

Residents share events of huge tremors felt across the country, felt from the earthquake that was centred in Iran.

The United Arab Emirates reported tremors across the country. Many residents came out on social media and expressed their worries. Some reported being waken up in the middle of the night by the tremors and some areas had hundreds of people gather around in open spaces.

Earthquake tremors in the UAE: What you need to know
Strong tremors felt across UAE after second 6.3 quake strikes Iran

The tremors were caused by the numerous earthquakes that hit Iran on Saturday morning. According to the UAE's National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), 8 continuous earthquakes from 4.2 to 6.3 magnitude hit Iran. 5 people were killed and at least 19 were injured following the earthquakes.

Iran has been a victim of many horrific earthquakes in the recent years due to the geological fault lines criss crossing the country.

Dr Mohammed Mushroom, director of the survey department at Dubai municipality assures residents that skyscrapers and towers in Dubai are all tested to withstand earthquakes of higher magnitudes than is likely to happen.

However, the best way to stay safe is to be prepared and take precautions in case of an earthquake. The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) have put up guidelines to remember and follow in the case of an earthquake.

If indoors:

Do not panic, make noise and run outside the building; stay calm and composed. Stay away from glass and windows and from objects that could collapse. Always seek shelter under a strong table or a strong structure of any sort. Lie down on the floor and keep your head protected. Do not use elevators and proceed immediately upon receiving an evacuation order. You also need to stay away from and disconnect power sources such as electricity and water, and close firmly gas sources.

If outdoors:

Stay away from buildings, trees and the shoreline. Always stand in an open space and help those injured. Avoid using mobile phones unless absolutely necessary.

That being said, the UAE is safe from dangerous earthquake activities since no major fault lines pass through the country. The buildings are also constructed very well according to earthquake safety standards and follow the UK building regulation with regard to seismic activity.

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