Museum of the Future offers splendid exotica of souvenirs

Museum of the Future offers splendid exotica of souvenirs

Exhibits including OSS Hope, the Heal Institute and Al Waha have inspired beautiful yet functional souvenirs.

The Museum of the Future is connecting with people from around the world through its online store, which not only offers memorabilia inspired by the museum’s design and exhibits, but also gives a glimpse into its rich experiences.

The new store, which comprises six unique collections, represents a window for visitors to recall their experience in the form of delightful souvenirs that will eternalise their visit in their memory.

The store also provides a unique opportunity for those yet to visit the museum. It gives people a taste of what to expect from exhibits, with products designed in innovative, artistic ways that reflect the spirit of the museum and its values.

Among the products are creations by Emirati talents as well as national small and medium companies, including clothes made from recycled materials, souvenirs, as well as entertaining and educational games inspired by the future.

Museum of the Future offers splendid exotica of souvenirs
Sheikh Mohammed opens Museum of the Future

Locally inspired products include those from the Calligraphy collection. They are beautifully decorated in Arabic calligraphy (the cursive script also known as thuluth is the same one wrapped around the building) inspired by quotes from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which embodies the spirit of the museum and its mission.

Extraordinary souvenirs: The store provides visitors with the opportunity to find souvenirs with which to relive their inspiring experience of the museum. Among the collections are souvenirs related to the unique design of the museum and its character, depicting elements such as the building’s recognisable stainless-steel façade. These include travel mugs, bookmarks, notepads, and pens among other options to choose from.

The museum’s splendid Arabic calligraphy and the building’s use of 3D printing technology in the construction process are among the features that have inspired gifts for the store. Exhibits including OSS Hope, the Heal Institute and Al Waha have inspired beautiful yet functional souvenirs.

Products within the OSS Hope collection include keychains, acting as a constant reminder of the exhibit’s depiction of humanity’s home in space and the potential for future space travel. The Heal Institute collection comprises mesmerising prints impressed on tote bags, coin purses, pouches, and scarfs, for everyday use.

There are also A3 prints allowing people to gaze at a beautiful digital recreation of flora, replicating the museum’s digital rainforest. Reflecting Al Waha’s earthy tones, the collection includes cream-coloured tea and coffee sets made to fit perfectly for a relaxing atmosphere. There are also gifts related to the Future Heroes exhibit, which is dedicated to children from ages 3 to 10 years old. Lastly, there are also products inspired by the museum’s Tomorrow Today exhibit, related to areas such as health, education, smart cities, energy, and transportation. You can visit the museum’s online store via

The Museum of the Future has recently launched its first Future Heroes Summer Camp, full of fun, educational, and highly entertaining children’s programmes focusing on science, technology, and engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).

Running from 2nd to 19th August, 2022, Future Heroes Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity for the imagination, curiosity, and creativity of the nation’s youth to run wild across three enthralling weeks.

The Future Heroes summer camp has expert workshops and educational partners providing an extensive series of hands-on, playful and learning-based programmes, to help young minds grasp the fundamentals of STEAM. The workshops will cover a deeply absorbing collection of themes that include and revolve around space exploration, ecology, as well as happiness and well-being. Children will be able to dive into unique topics including exploring the world of Robotics and AI alongside other topics, to pique each child’s interest and cater to their different preferences, such as Coding and Art.

From using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identifying and classifying species of birds to exploring different forms of art and getting to grips with Minecraft education by tapping into coding and understanding the fundamentals of sustainability, the camp has something for everyone.

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