The kid who realized her mistake

The kid who realized her mistake

Millie is a nice girl but does not understand important things.

Once upon a time, there lived a family of four. Their names sounded the same. The father's name was Billy, the mother's name was Lily, the daughter's name was Millie, and the other daughter's name was Tillie. Millie was young and was the age of 4 whereas Tillie was older than Millie aged 6. There was 2 year's difference between both of them. Tillie was a good child. She is kind-hearted, helpful and never lets anyone down if she made a promise to anyone. Everyone in the family loved her so much. Tillie studied in 1st grade and Millie studied in the nursery.

Millie is also a nice girl but does not understand important things. She is just like her sister but to other peoples only. But when it comes to parents, she is annoying, naughty, disturbs and also irritates everyone. Why? Well, because she thinks everyone in her family does not like her, but everyone does even though she was annoying. But she doesn't know that nor does she understand that.

Whenever she goes to a shopping mall, she always says that she wants a toy. The parents go to the toy store, finding out that Millie intends to buy an expensive toy. Father says no, but Millie does not listen and starts to cry, making the parents very angry. Then the father begins shouting at Millie and goes out of the toy store. Like this, Millie thinks her parents always hated her and won't let her buy a single toy. She even thought about what gifts her parents will buy on her birthday. She always beats her sister and her parents.

Tillie always tells that being nice would maybe be gifted with a lot of things they want. But Millie does not understand that.

It was Millie's birthday coming soon, and she didn't want to celebrate it because she thought her parents wouldn't buy anything, so she didn't come out of her room. Her parents would knock on the door, asking her to come out. Lastly, she got so annoyed with the knock on the door, so she came out. Her parents were relieved and was to give her the present that was bought for her birthday when she ran away from her parents.

The kid who realized her mistake
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The parents were confused so they went to Millie. Mom asked- why are you sad Millie? Millie asked- do you hate me mom? Mom said- No, why would I hate you. You are the sweetest kid I know and here is a present for you. Millie was happy for no one hated her and understood that her parents were shouting at her because the money was too much and it was also because of love. When Millie opened the present and was so shocked to see the toy that she asked for in the toy store. She hugged her mom and dad and her sister for the present. She also realized that it was not good to beat everyone we care about. She said sorry to everyone for beating. Everyone forgave her and nowadays she was the sweetest girl in the whole family, like her sister.

Haniya Shameer is a student of Grade 5, from Dunes International School, Abu Dhabi.

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