Jeff Bezos owns $119-million property in a New York building. What's so special about it?

Jeff Bezos owns $119-million property in a New York building. What's so special about it?

The unit had an initial sale price of $18.1 million, which is 23 per cent lower than the final retail price for which it sold.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon splurged on a $23 million apartment in New York. Bezos bought the four-bedroom unit at 212 Fifth Avenue. It should be noted that the billionaire already owns a three-story penthouse along with three additional units below that. With this purchase, the Amazon founder has a worth of $119 million in apartment properties in a single building. He purchased the 4,155-square-foot condominium which is located inside the iconic skyscraper in the Flatiron district. According to a number of US news websites, the property records that were filed with the city of New York showed that the deal was agreed upon towards the end of July. It was finalized early in August. This unit comes equipped with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a coffered ceiling, gallery walls, marble floors and large windows that give the resident a view of the World Trade Centre and Madison Square Park.

The new unit he bought was unit 20A according to the New York Post. This unit had an initial sale price of $18.1 million, which is 23 per cent lower than the final retail price for which it sold. His new apartment sits underneath the penthouse that stretches across the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th floors as well as the units on the 21st floor. Before purchasing this apartment, he had paid $16 million in April of 2020 for a condo unit in the same building. The three-bedroom apartment sat on the 20th floor of the skyscraper. With the latest purchase included, the billionaire has added over 4,100 square feet to his mansion in the sky.

The billionaire had purchased the pre-war building in NoMad where he already owns around $96 million in real estate, which includes a triplex penthouse and the two units below it according to the New York Post. Now, Bezos owns a total of 5 homes in the building. Bezos purchased his earlier units for a total of $80 million in June of 2019. These units included the three-story penthouse that stretches across the 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors.

It boasts a seven-room master suite, massive skylight, a 5,000-square-foot terrace on the second floor, room for a pool, and a smaller roof terrace with views of the Empire State Building and World Trade Center. The other two apartment units are on the floor just below the penthouse and the newest unit is adjacent to those units on the 20th floor.

Jeff Bezos owns $119-million property in a New York building. What's so special about it?
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What Makes it so Special?

The building which was formerly an office building is now home to 48 condo units and boasts 24 floors. It was one of New York’s first skyscrapers and was the tallest building when it was built in 1913. It was designed by Schwartz & Gross in the neo-gothic style. It was originally constructed as a manufacturing building, the architects designed the structure with open floor plates, high ceilings and oversized windows which has been done in a way to try and combine the best of pre-war and contemporary designs.

The building amenities include luxuries such as concierge and cold storage, a fitness centre by The Wright Fit, with an adjoining yoga studio and treatment room; a Playroom and a separate game room – both with age-appropriate equipment. It also has a residential lounge, adjoining dining/meeting room with catering kitchen, and screening room.

The residents of the 24-story neo-Gothic building include Texas billionaire Ed Bass, ESPN host Mike Greenberg and Charles and Seryl Kushner, who bought three units for their grandkids, according to a report by the New York Post. It was also reported that neighbours were thrilled to have the Amazon founder as a fellow owner as it has helped their property values.

Bezos had previously also paid around $23 million for a former Textile Museum in Washington, DC, and has four condominiums in a building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with views of Central Park. Bezos holds properties in Seattle, Texas and California. Already one of the world’s richest people, he has continued to add to that wealth by around $24 billion. This comes in light of higher levels of customer activity on Amazon as a result of the lockdown.

His real-time network is $185.2 billion according to Forbes. The Amazon founder still maintains his position as the world’s richest man, with Tesla founder Elon Musk coming in at second with $177.71 billion. Bezos had officially stepped down from his company on July 5, 2021, and handed the reigns over to Andy Jassy, his replacement.

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