Cabin crew finds severed snake head in meal

Cabin crew finds severed snake head in meal

An airline employee from Turkey who was eating a lunch was horrified to see a severed snake head in it.

The flight attendant on a Thursday flight from Ankara to Düsseldorf tore up their lunch to discover a snake's head staring back at them.

The cabin crew of The SunExpress, a low-cost airline in Europe, experienced a nightmare during an ordinary workday. The SunExpress cabin service member captured the horrible finding on camera and posted it online, which prompted the airline to act right away.

Employees had reportedly previously complained to Gazette Duvar about receiving bugs and snails in their in-flight meals.

The piece allegedly inspired other employees to criticise the airline's subpar food service, according to local Turkish news source Bolge Gundem.

The Antalya, Turkey-based SunExpress airline, which flies throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, called the food situation "totally unacceptable."

"It is our main goal that the services we give to our customers aboard our aircraft are of the greatest quality and that our visitors and personnel enjoy a comfortable and safe flight experience," the airline declared in a statement.

The airline's caterer, Sancak Inflight Services, declines to accept responsibility for the allegations. They assert that since the food is prepared at a temperature of 280 degrees Celsius, the incident could not have happened in their kitchen.

Cabin crew finds severed snake head in meal
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As a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, SunExpress was established in 1989. Over 90 cities are served by the airline, which has 5,000 employees and operates throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa.

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