USA claims UFO 'threat' to national security

USA claims UFO 'threat' to national security

It is clear that the US government takes the potential threat of UFO very seriously.

The US Navy has claimed to have that they have many videos of alien spacecraft which may endanger America’s national security if revealed to the world.

USA claims UFO 'threat' to national security
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Addresing the media, a US Navy spokesman said that they have videos of alien spacecraft – also known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), but they cannot release those publicly, as doing so may harm national security.

The US government’s transparency website Black Vault requested under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that the CIA and other US government agencies previously shared documents related to UFOs. Black Vault made this request in April 2020.

Now nearly two years later, the US government has responded in a letter that the US Navy has UFO videos but cannot release them due to national security concerns.

Gregory Casson, deputy director of the Navy’s FOIA Office, wrote in the letter that the release of the videos would harm the national security of the US because they contain classified data.

This answer was given on the video released in 2020. Casson said the three UFO videos the US Navy had released in

April 2020 were made public only because the videos had previously been leaked to the media and were already extensively discussed in the public domain. Casson wrote that the Navy at the time thought it possible to officially release the footage without causing further damage to national security.

It is clear that the US government takes the potential threat of UFO very seriously.

Department of Defense (DOD) held its first public hearing on UFOs since 1960. The hearing mainly discussed the Pentagon report of June 2021 which found that US Navy pilots had reported 144 UAP sightings since 2004.

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