Russian boy claims he has come from Mars to protect humankind from nuclear war

Russian boy claims he has come from Mars to protect humankind from nuclear war

It seems like humans have a little protector from Mars.

With the technological advancements in war equipment over the years, the threat of nuclear war looms over the world, more so due to the rising tensions between several countries. Nuclear war is a threat to the existence of humankind on the face of the Earth. However, it seems like humans have a little protector from Mars for the same.

Russian boy claims he has come from Mars to protect humankind from nuclear war
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According to a report by the Daily Star, a Russian boy named Boris Kipriyanovich, from Volgograd, claims that he is not a human being but an extraterrestrial being. He also declared that he has arrived on Earth from Mars to save the world from probable nuclear annihilation. The kid has taken social media by amazement with his bizarre theories and deep knowledge of astronomy.

Boris has asserted that he led a previous life on Mars with the residents of the planet, popularly known as Martians, who can have intergalactic travels. Boris further stated that he is one of the Indigo Children, sent on Earth to protect the human race from extinction. He claims to have visited the Earth numerous times over the years, especially during the Lemurian period, a fictitious continent believed to have existed under the Indian Ocean millions of years ago.

Boris claims he has also built a spacecraft. Talking about his space vehicle, the Russian kid said, “It has six layers with the outer layer made from 25% solid metal, the second layer is 30% something like rubber while the third layer is 30% metal. The last 4% consists of a special magnetic layer. If we were to energize this magnetic layer, these machines would be able to fly anywhere in the universe.”

Not just Boris, even his mother has shared that she had always been aware of her son’s peculiarities. Recalling Boris’s birth, his mother said, “It all happened so fast that I didn’t even feel pain. When the child was shown to me, he looked at me with the eyes of an adult. As a doctor, I knew that babies’ eyes cannot focus on objects. However, my small child was looking at me with his big brown eyes.”

The mother of the supposed extra-terrestrial kid also opened up about Boris’ cognitive abilities being more than his age. He could easily read newspaper headlines when he was just 1-year-old, which made the mother believe that her son was blessed with psychic capabilities.

Some paranormal experts at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and the Radio Waves at the Russian Academy of Sciences have researched the boy. After photographing his aura, they have concluded that Boris indeed has some “unusually strong” vibrations.

In a twist to the story, Daily Star reported that both Boris and his mother are now missing. However, a media person has repeatedly declared that the mother-son duo is residing in an unknown and secluded village under Russian protection.

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