Woman pretends to be her husband, does his office work after he falls sick

Woman pretends to be her husband, does his office work after he falls sick

A woman pretended to be her husband and did all his office work after he fell sick.

A man took to Reddit to share how his wife pretended to be him and did his office work when he fell sick.

The post is titled: "My wife pretended to be me and did my work while I was sick."

The man explained how his wife pretended to be him at his work. "We're both software engineers working from home which is why this was even possible to pull off in the first place," he said.

He continued, "I'm a full stack developer while she's a front-end developer but she pretty much has all the knowledge she needs to do the same work as I do. She would sometimes sit with me while I would work and help me debug lines and lines of code (which I appreciate a lot and I do the same in return when I can), but today she really surprised me."

Woman pretends to be her husband, does his office work after he falls sick
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The other day, the man caught a "nasty cold" but didn't take a sick day off because "my team and I have a lot of pressure from our boss to complete our current project as soon as possible."

When he told his wife that he couldn't take the day off, she told him to focus on his health and she would "handle the rest".

The man explained that his wife's job doesn't require her to work at any particular time. She is efficient and finishes her work within a couple of hours and can be free for the rest of the day.

So, she made breakfast for him and locked herself in his office and finished his work. "She made an excuse in my team's group chat pretending to be me saying I lost my voice so I can't hope on a voice call and they fell for it," the man wrote.

He added, "I'm lounging on my sofa with a wet cloth on my forehead, a box of tissues next to me and the biggest f-ing smile on my face."

The man further said, "I took an index card and wrote "free work day pass" on it and gave it to my wife in return for helping me out today. I also plan to treat her to a nice dinner once I'm not sick out of my mind."

Netizens were impressed that the wife supported the man but criticised the work culture because he couldn't take a sick leave.

One user said, "OK, so two sides to this: 1) his wife is a supportive and intelligent person, and 2) his job sucks cuz he can't ever get sick on a deadline."

Another wrote, "+1 for support from our partners and also -1 for the capitalistic urge to deny oneself the opportunity to rest."

A third user added, "It's awesome he can count on his partner, but he shouldn't have to. A sick day is a sick day. Period."

Yet another asked, "So we live in a society where people can’t take sick days?"

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