Mother outsmarts son using science trick, wins $100

Mother outsmarts son using science trick, wins $100

The woman in the video used centripetal force to lift the ball without touching it.

There is a saying that ‘science is magic that works’. And, an undated video shows just that.

The now-viral video shows a son asking his mother to shift a small ball kept inside an upside-down wine glass to another upright glass without touching the ball or the other wine glass. The mother, who is said to be a science teacher, manages to do this in seconds.

The woman achieves this by moving the wine glass with the ball inside it in a fast circular motion. The tiny ball starts moving inside the glass. The woman lifts the glass and the ball while continuing to move it in a circular motion and gently drops it into the other glass.

Mother outsmarts son using science trick, wins $100
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The ball stays inside the glass as the glass’s circular motion creates a great centripetal force which becomes stronger than the force of gravity. Hence, the ball defies gravity and stays within the glass.

The video of this cool trick has managed to gather 2.3 million views and 87,000 likes. It was tweeted by author Hy Bender on Saturday.

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