Tinder becomes unlikely tool in woman's search of missing pet cat

Tinder becomes unlikely tool in woman's search of missing pet cat

In a heartwarming yet unconventional move, a woman in Sussex, UK turned to dating apps like Grindr and Tinder to help locate her missing cat, Ruby.

Heartache and despair have taken hold of Erin Johansen after her treasured feline, Ruby, disappeared into thin air. With the city's bustling streets as her only clue, the Sussex, UK woman has tirelessly combed every inch of the area in search of her missing pet cat. But despite her best efforts, Ruby remains lost.

Refusing to give up hope, Erin has turned to unconventional measures in her search for Ruby, venturing onto dating apps like Grindr and Tinder to broaden the scope of her search. In a surprising twist, a friend offered his Grindr profile to assist in locating the lost cat.

Initially uncertain about the notion, the 22-year-old was taken aback by the reports from users who claimed to have spotted Ruby, following the appearance of her picture on the application within the proximity of Brighton, located in East Sussex.

"At some point over the weekend, we were looking for her and my friend who already had an active Grindr account said, 'Let's put her on Grindr' - and it's actually been quite helpful," said Erin, who works at a plant nursery and a juice bar.

She aimed to raise awareness among a sizeable LGBTQ+ community in Brighton, however, forgot to modify the other parts of the profile, which indicated her interest in karaoke and similar activities. Despite anticipating mockery, the search team were pleasantly surprised to receive earnest messages from individuals who wanted to lend a hand.

Ruby, who is still missing, found solace in the positive responses received on Grindr. This encouragement was so uplifting that another friend created a Tinder account for Ruby in the hopes of finding her.

Tinder becomes unlikely tool in woman's search of missing pet cat
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"Ruby skiddallad from our house on lewes road

on Friday night and we miss her soo much!

She’s out and about on an adventure but we

would love for her to come home safe plz DM if

you've seen her :) unfortunately she’s had no collar and is not

micro chipped," reads the lost feline's Tinder bio.

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