Israel-Hamas War Day 17: Gaza sees ‘most violent night yet’ as bombardment kills 400 people in 24 hours

Israel-Hamas War Day 17: Gaza sees ‘most violent night yet’ as bombardment kills 400 people in 24 hours

Israel intensifies bombings in Gaza, at least 400 killed. World leaders express support for Israel, call for protection of civilians.

The war between Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas fighters from Gaza has seen the world erupt in demand for ceasefire as Palestinians in Gaza continue to lose life owing to Israel's relentless bombing in retaliation to the 7 October Hamas attack.

In their attempt to completely seize the enclave, Israel has cut off fuel, water, food, thereby leaving Palestinians scrambling for survival.

Videos emerged of Israel bombing Gaza on Sunday, which ground reporters and journalists witnessing the massacre has reported as the ‘worst night yet’ in Gaza.

Israel-Hamas War Day 17: Gaza sees ‘most violent night yet’ as bombardment kills 400 people in 24 hours
India sends humanitarian aid to war-torn Gaza

-Israel has intensified bombings of the Gaza Strip overnight, with reports of air attacks on the Jabalia refugee camp and close to Gaza’s Al-Shifa and Al-Quds Hospitals

-At least 400 people have been reported killed across Gaza following nonstop Israeli air strikes in the last 24 hours, which Palestinian media described as the “heaviest bombardment" since the October 7 Hamas attack.

-UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, US President Joe Biden held a meeting with other world leaders of Canada, France, Germany, and Italy. After the meet the leader reiterated their support for Israel, while also calling upon Netanyahu to follow international humanitarian law and protect civilians.

-Oil prices slid more than $1 on Monday as diplomatic efforts grew to contain a conflict between Israel and the Hamas fighters, amid worries of a wider confrontation in the oil-rich region.

-Brent crude futures fell by 67 cents to $91.49 a barrel, as of 02:03 GMT, having lost $1.02 to $91.14 a barrel earlier in the session, according to the Reuters news agency.

-Joe Biden's US has continued their support for humanitarian aid in Gaza.  A total of 14 trucks crossed the Rafah border crossing and entered Gaza. Announcing the crossing of 14 additional aid trucks with aid provided by the Egyptian Red Crescent and the United Nations, UN aid chief Martin Griffiths called it a ‘small glimmer of hope’

-China views the situation in Gaza as “very serious" with the risk of a large-scale ground conflict rising and the spread of armed conflicts along neighbouring borders, Chinese state media said on Monday

-According to Chinese state media, Beijing is willing to do “whatever is conducive" to promote dialogue, achieve a ceasefire and restore peace in the Middle East

-Israel Defense forces have been carrying out their raids on West Bank, arresting 11 people in the latest rounds of probe. 

-Israel Defence Forces spokesperson in an interview said that countries accusing Israel of war crimes were not democracies and “were not in any position to lecture Israel about anything related to humanitarian issues", reports Guardian

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