‘Hamas is holding fuel reserves in Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital’: Israel claims, tweets call recording

‘Hamas is holding fuel reserves in Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital’: Israel claims, tweets call recording

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken holds talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli troops continue intense aerial bombardments in Gaza City.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been pounding Palestine's densely populated Gaza Strip for the past 27 days, following a surprise attack by Hamas fighters. On Friday 3 November, the IDF released a voice recording which they claim is with “an official in the Medical System in Gaza", and said that the call allegedly attested that Hamas fighters have been storing fuels under Gaza's largest medical facility-Al Shifa hospital.

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, who has “vowed to eliminate Hamas" and “not to stop unless he sees victory" has ordered a complete seize of the Gaza Strip blocking their fuel, food, and water. This led to a severe shortage of fuel in the Palestinian city, causing 16 hospitals to shut down.

The IDF over the course of over twenty days have been releasing voice recording on their ‘X’ platform account, claiming that they are conversation by Hamas fighters.

The latest voice recording shared was captioned, “In a call that took place yesterday, on November 2nd with an official in the Medical System in Gaza, it was revealed again that Hamas is holding the fuel reserves in the Gaza Strip and is using it"

The transcription attached by IDF reads as follows

Who controls all of the diesel in Gaza?

Hamas controls the diesel

Both of us know what is under the hospitals

My friend let's not talk about Shifa (hospital)

May God curse Shifa

Let me man, let me. We will supply (fuel) to Shifa drop by drop

Man, (do you think) they have less than half a million (liters) underground today?

Both of us there is even more

My friend, they have a million (liters of fuel) underground

I know, that's what people have been saying around here

But, how am I connected to this?

If I bring (fuel) to the hospital right now, they will take it. Don't you agree with me?

My friend, you are completely right

The incessant bombing of Gaza strip by Israeli forces that has killed over 9,200 people has come under international condemnation for the loss of civilians life. Israel's bombing of hospitals in Gaza has been flagged by international agencies as a clear violation of international humanitarian law.

‘Hamas is holding fuel reserves in Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital’: Israel claims, tweets call recording
Israel-Hamas war: US asks Netanyahu govt to explain why it attacked Gaza's biggest refugee camp, say reports

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, as Israeli troops encircled Gaza City and carried out intense aerial bombardments.

Israel repeated that a cease-fire with Hamas isn’t on the table after calls from the US for a pause to allow the release of hostages in Gaza. Blinken said ahead of his arrival that Washington is “determined to deter any escalation."

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